Meet our General Manager

Clinton Chan

General Manager
I’m a big believer that entrepreneurial skills will help the students of today become catalysts of change tomorrow – be they as founders, intrapreneurs, or freelancers.

After running a large number of events to understand the needs, likes, and limits of the student ecosystem we are returning in 2019 with a specific focus on early-stage students yet to have any engagement with tech or startups.

Our focus will be primarily on events and online content and initiatives that are scalable and attract the attention of as many students as possible to the startup ecosystem.

Meet our Tech Team

Kevin Chan

Technology Lead
Disappointed by the low risk mobile app startups I saw in my first year, I’m looking for this generation’s bravest and boldest to work with.

I’ve worked on a variety of projects from Salesforce CRM, Private Game Servers, Web Apps and now, Autonomous Naval Drones.

Erika Salmon

Website Coordinator
Passionate about tech and entrepreneurship, TBV seemed the perfect organisation for me to branch out further into the entrepreneurial ecosystem to connect with like-minded individuals and corporations. I hope to eventually become an intrapreneur and help a company with their innovation projects surrounding technology.

Meet our Growth Team

Samadhi Pelenda

Growth Manager
I love the Startup space because anyone with any skill set can find their niche. I think there’s so much budding talent in Australia and I can’t wait to see our startup scene grow to the extent that it’s grown in the US and Asia!

Nitika Midha

Marketing Coordinator
An important lesson I’ve learnt from entrepreneurship is how to be comfortable with uncertainty, risk-taking and making mistakes. Learning different skills and ways of thinking by engaging with the world of startups, I believe that every student should engage with it!

Veronica Xu

Graphic Designer
I love using colour and illustration to create beautiful and functional design solutions. My vision is to shape the way we interact with each other through the implementation of design. I browse Instagram to keep up with the latest design and social media trends.

David Zhou

Growth Coordinator
I currently study Finance and Economics at UNSW, and I am always on the lookout for brilliant founders and disruptive ideas in the technology space. I joined TBV because I am passionate about growing and working alongside the entrepreneurial community.

Meet our Ecosystem Team

Akshat Agarwal

Ecosystem Manager
I believe it is not about creating an army of like-minded individuals but rather a bunch who think so far outside the box that they pave a path for generations to come. Let’s make it happen!

Karen Lee

Events Coordinator Lvl 3
The startup ecosystem is an exciting place of change and innovation. Entrepreneurship is the way of the future, and my role with Textbook Ventures this year is to ensure that student entrepreneurs are supported in paving this way.

Saurav Risbud

Events Coordinator Lvl 2 & Operations Manager
I’m a third year commerce student with a passion for all thing startups, particularly social enterprises. I also help run Bridge, a not-for-profit that connects university students with communities that need volunteers.

Sherrie Zheng

Events Coordinator Lvl 1
I am passionate about connecting student founders and providing them with opportunities to build networks for knowledge sharing, growth, and innovation. The people we surround ourselves with are often the best sources of inspiration.

Meet our Partnerships Team

Audrey Thehamihardja

Partnerships Manager
After my first startup conference, I fell in love with the ambition harboured by founders and sought any opportunity to get involved in the community. Working in venture capital has allowed me to invest in what the world will bring tomorrow, and I’m especially passionate about supporting our youngest talent to be catalysts of change.

Jeffrey Yin

Partnerships Coordinator
I am passionate about education and technology. I believe that every high school student should have access to tertiary education regardless of their socio-economic situation. I am also excited by the possibilities of technology in enhancing education through digitalisation.

Visakhan Vythilingam

Head of Special Events and Accounts Manager
I love adopting a growth mindset and believe we should explore different perspectives while going out of our comfort zone. Understanding the world of start ups and entrepreneurship has been amazing, and its great to promote this concept to fellow students!

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