We work with accelerators, experienced founders, academics, venture capitalists and student entrepreneurs across Sydney to produce opportunities for the new generation of student founders.  We have no exclusive affiliation to universities or colleges, which allows us to unite students from all major campus ecosystems to share networks, knowledge and talent.

Textbook Academy

A highly valuable programme built for student founders with the aim of turning them into world-class leaders. The program will consist of founder lectures, a CEO apprenticeship, and founder-speed dating.

The Academy will be available in Semester 2.

Student Startup Directory

The student startup ecosystem is a well hidden one, but one that we want to bring more light to. Textbook Ventures is in the progress of creating an online application to map out the student founder and entrepreneurial community.

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Reinventure focuses on creating options in future businesses through venture investment and a strategic relationship with their largest limited partner, Westpac Banking Corporation.

Our All-star Advisor Team

Melissa Widner

Partner at NAB Ventures

Dr Martin Bliemel

Director, Diploma in Innovation | Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation at UTS

John Henderson

Partner, Airtree Ventures

Benjamin Chong

Partner, Right Click Capital

Our Student Founders

Andrew Fong

CEO – MiniEpi
Textbook Ventures were pivotal in our growth in the early stages of our startup. They pushed and encouraged us and set reasonable milestones dramatically accelerating our progress. They worked with us to build on our pitching and presentation ability and find necessary gaps and questions that we had previously overlooked. We still continue to work in the Textbook Ventures portfolio, and trust in their advice and ability to assist in the further development of our company.

Tom Terado

Community Manager – Bitfwd
During my initial university years, I was always interested in entrepreneurship and startups but there was never an true outlet to learn about the space. Textbook Ventures offers what I was looking for. They have a really inviting and warm culture and community. It’s a great place to connect, learn and grow with student entrepreneurs. Their events and initiatives are something I really look forward to.

Daphne Shen

CTO and Co-Founder – V-KAIWA
During the pre-accelerator program, Textbook Ventures gave us that extra push for us to achieve our goals. Their relentless support was crucial when V-KAIWA were having doubts or problems with our milestones.